To rock out a business for the long term you need a clear picture of the daily, weekly, and monthly activities that will produce your long term money goals.  Having measurable realistic short term goals will create consistent action and momentum in your business. The best way to do that is quarterly 90-Day goals. 

Start with the income goal you want to achieve. How much income do you need/want to make? What time frame do you want to achieve it?

"My goal is to make $ ____________________ monthly within the next 6 months."

Once you have that number established start working backwards to clearly define your daily, weekly and monthly actions needed to get there. 

For example, let's say your target monthly income is $6,000. 

How many new customers per month do you need? How many new clients? 

For example, let's say you are a financial coach with a $2,000 coaching package. You need 3 clients per month to reach your target monthly goal. 

Now figure out how many consultation calls, targeted traffic, engagements you need to bring on that many new clients. 

If you are in Direct Sales/Network Marketing you should know your company comp plan inside and out. How much personal volume do you need monthly? Customer volume? Team volume? Do you need to hit a new rank? Do your team members need to hit a new rank? (If you don't know these answers reach out to your company leaders to have them help you break out the comp plan.) 

Now break down how many new recruits and customers you need each month. 

Once you have those numbers defined, figure out how many prospects need to be approached DAILY and exposed to a company presentation, product sample, 3 way call with an upline leader (whatever the process that is outlined by your company training). Your DAILY actions are what will lead to meeting the monthly goals. CONSISTENT DAILY ACTION

**KNOW YOUR TARGET MARKET** The more defined your target market is, you can ensure that you are approaching the right people who are open to what you are offering. Growing a business is a "numbers game" but you can dramatically increase your rate of success by ensuring that you approach people who need and want your products. You have to consistently talk to people (even better, the RIGHT people) about what you offer to find people who are ready to invest in what you are offering. 

Your actions must be aligned with your goals. For example, if you need to make $6,000 a month but you are only exposing 1 person per day to your business it will be VERY difficult to hit that monthly goal. Its just not realistic to expect to only talk to 1 person per day and make a full time+ income. The general rule of thumb is for every 10 people you approach, you will find 1 prepared to make a decision. You add the others to your follow up list so you can continue to offer them value and build the relationship until they are ready to say "yes" or become a good source of referrals. 

Track your activities in an activity log book, spiral notebook or white board. Break it down by day and track your business activities to stay on track. 

For you number junkies, Pareto's Principle, or “80/20 Rule” as it is frequently called today, is an incredible tool for growing your business. For instance, if you can figure out which 20% of your time produces 80% of your business’ results, you can spend more time on those activities and less time on others. Likewise, by identifying the characteristics of the top 20% of your customers (who represent 80% of your sales), you can find more customers like them and dramatically grow your sales and profits. 

Every 90 Days re-evaluate your goals and the previous 90 Days. What worked, what didn't, what do you need to change, what areas need improvement? Don't beat yourself up if you fell short of your goal. Figure out the areas that need improving and get laser focused on improving those areas for the next 90 Days. 

Running a business takes constant research, personal development and growth. If you wanted to learn how to play the violin, you would need regular lessons and practice. You would not expect to play a concert solo after only a month of lessons. At the same time you can not expect to improve and get better at playing it if you never practice. A business is no different. You have to stay consistent with the actions that will produce results. 

Don't "wing it" to success. It will be a frustrating process because you did not plan properly. Get laser focused on your target income goal and the daily/weekly/monthly actions that it will take you to get there.