The Beautiful Badass • Fire Element

Blending BEAUTY + BADASS, you are an action taker, Fire Element, who plays by YOUR rules, because after all, rules were made to be broken. A rebel at heart, a Beautiful Badass is a natural born problem solver and leader who is not afraid to be direct and dynamic. After all your ideas are the best and deserve to be heard! When everyone else is going right you are leading the pack going left. Your dreams are BIG and you are the one that fearlessly talks the talk and walks the walk. A risk taker who thrives to tackle everything head on and who loves to prove that the impossible is in fact, POSSIBLE. Mediocrity is NOT in your vocabulary.

Your Branding Style is all about the badass marketing name and tag line to show the world that you mean BUSINESS and are THE go to expert!

Your ideal client and target market loves to be adventurous and self-driven. They will appreciate your bold leadership and your direct approach. They have a competitive nature who loves a good challenge and you are just the person to deliver. Look for people who have these qualities and work to position yourself in front them. Join Facebook groups where you can offer value that like minded people would appreciate and gravitate to, follow them on Instagram to build a relationship and join local groups to have that face to face interaction. 

AVOID THE RUT: A Beautiful Badass likes to run hard and fast which can lead to overlooking some of the important intimate details. Impulsiveness has a bad habit of leading you astray. Continue to work on your personal development

Fire Element FUN FACTS:

• Inspirational
• Confident
• Takes Control
• Enthusiastic
• Explorer
• Trailblazer

You are willful, passionate and intense. You follow your instincts in life, work and relationships. People admire your courage and your fire.                                              

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