How Facebook Groups Could Be Damaging Your Business and Even Worse Your Brand

You just launched your business. You can't wait to tell every warm body you have ever had a conversation with about the awesome products you are using. You want to earn some cash and that free trip to Jamaica. You are about to explode with excitement!

So one of the first things you do because it seems like a totally rad marketing idea or even worse it was part of your company training, you add 500 of your closest BFF's to a Facebook group {without their permission} so you can share how excited you are. Surely once people are in a group they will shop until their socks drop. I mean this seems totally logical because of course people want to help you earn that trip and support your goals right? 


Here's the honest scoop. People don't really care that you just launched a business or want to earn a free trip to an exotic island. They don't care about the products you are selling. What people care about are their needs. To feel valued. Appreciated. They have problems too and bills to pay. While most of the people in your network are happy to support you in your new venture, they however do not want to be sold to, hounded, spammed with cheesy private messages + your website or added to Facebook groups without their permission. 

Need proof?

A friend of mine posted recently:

"I have had to remove myself from 5 Facebook groups TODAY alone that I have been added to without an invitation. They are all selling products for the holiday or hosting an online party through a Facebook group. It makes me sad that people are taking this route. I personally feel put off when this happens to me and refuse to even take a look at the products they are offering. This type of marketing makes me sad."

This is one of the nicer comments I could have shared compared to others who down right call people out and vent like a mad hen about being added to groups without their permission, like the Scary Mommy blog post on this very topic. {Read at your own risk its BRUTALLY honest}. 

Facebook groups are being overly used for self gain where no value is being offered and its leading to damaged relationships and brands. Would you show up to a family get together and walk up to people and throw your business cards and catalogs at them? {I hope you are shaking your head with a firm "NO" right now}. Social media has become this platform for people to use in ways that they would never dream of interacting with their peers face to face throwing all common courtesy, manners and etiquette out the window. 

Adding your friends and family to Facebook group parties, product launches, sales and the like before asking their permission is just rude. Its the lazy way to try to market your business and products. Its the herd 'em all in mentality with the hope that some will be guilted into buying something. There is no way to sugar coat it and I honestly will not even try to because this type of marketing needs to stop. Its not only a reflection of the person but it tarnishes the entire industry. 

Facebook groups are an effective tool to market a business + brand when done the right way. If you want to create a group, center it around your brand and give tons of value. Build trust with your network. When they feel a personal connection with you they will buy from you. Adding people to groups before asking their permission where they are slammed with product and company info is a sure fire way to lose friends and credibility. 

Need some examples of the right way to use a group:

• Are you with a skin care company? Create a group that is NOT centered around your company where you give tons of value around your passion for how to take care of your skin, beauty inspiration and INVITE others to join. Position yourself as an expert and build trust. 

• Are you with an essential oil company? Create a group that is NOT centered around your company where you give tons of value around your passion for holistic health tips, recipes, yoga, meditation and INVITE others to join. Position yourself as an expert and build trust. 

• Are you with a weight loss company? Create a group that is NOT centered around your company where you give tons of value around your passion for meal planning, fitness, smoothie recipes and INVITE others to join. Position yourself as an expert and build trust.  

For more detailed tips on how to properly use Facebook groups you can also check out my blog post "5 Tips To Using Facebook Groups To Market Your Business and Brand" on The Mogul Mom. 

Create content the right way by serving others with valuable information that can help them solve their problems. When people trust you they will buy from you. When they feel valued they will do business with you. When its more about their needs v. your goals, free trip or rank advancement they won't be leaving your group as soon as you add them feeling like they need to take a shower. 

If you have made this mistake in the past, don't beat yourself up over it, just vow not to do it going forward. If you have taught other team members to do this, vow not to keep teaching it. If leaders in your business are teaching these spammy methods, be empowered to know that its your business and you can choose to stay true to your core values. You don't have to follow every cookie cutter training that is offered. 

Its never too late to make changes to build your business more ethically. Building the #TrustFactor with your network v. trying to make a quick sale will lead to a much bigger pay off in your business long term. 

Would love to hear your feedback! How does it make you feel when people add you to groups without your permission? Did this article give you a new perspective about asking permission before adding people to your groups? Leave me a comment, would love to hear from you xo

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April Williams is the #CreativeMomista and Soulpreneur of 2 boys + whimsical wavemaker + creative expressive + Texas country girl + branding junkie who loves green mint tea + horses + fuzzy socks + surrounding herself with high achieving amazing women + peppermint anything + the color red + cozy coffee shops. She is a business strategist for creative women in business and founder of Creative Brandista™.

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