6 Newbie Tips For Blogging Success: Blogging 101

"99% of great bloggers are not awesome on day 1. Their awesomeness is an accumulation of the value they create over time." Darren Rowse

So you love to write and want to share your creative genius with the world. You have decided to make the leap and become a blogger. Congrats! But now you find yourself staring at the computer asking yourself "now what?!".  How exactly can you be successful? How can you set yourself apart from the rest of the online world?

There is a lot to learn in the world of successful blogging {I am failing forward and learning something new everyday!} but let's break it down into six simple steps you can take to set a rock solid foundation and get started off on the right foot. After all, Oprah was not built in a day right? Becoming a successful blogger won't happen overnight, but with consistency and hard work you can make your mark on the world!


You got to talk the talk and walk the walk. If your goal is to be a professional blogger, then you must conduct yourself as a professional. What do I mean by this? It means that you can't operate as a professional business owner from your Facebook personal page spamming your friends and family {Newsflash: who are NOT even your target market} and expect to grow a sustainable long term business. How you do this is to create a strong personal brand around your authentic voice and passions, you launch a Facebook business fan page, you create valuable content through a blog, YouTube channel etc. The First step is to decide if you will create a personal brand or a business brand.

Once you make that decision, purchase a domain name. There are several blogging websites to choose from. Two popular choices are Wordpress and Squarespace. I chose Squarespace and love it. Both are great platforms, its just a matter of choosing the one that is right for you and your business needs. Here are some articles that you might find helpful in making your decision:

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Your blog will be the first impression of your business so make it count! When a reader comes across your site, you want their experience to be a memorable one. 


Depending on the goals you have for your brand, business and blog, you will need to focus on stats and daily views at some point but as someone just starting out, take time to define your unique style and personality that will help to set you apart from the masses. The Creative Branding Archetype Quiz is a great place to start.  

Once you have organized your passions into one cohesive brand and message, focus on one or two social media platforms where you have the strongest presence. Maybe you have a great following on Pinterest or you a rockstar on Instagram with a good foundation of followers or you have a Facebook Fanpage that has been consistently growing. 

Whatever that platform is, work your current strengths and stay consistent. Don't overwhelm yourself trying to master them all at once. Its better to rock 1 or 2 platforms really well than to be a hot mess trying to be every where at once and not doing it effectively. Focus on growing your tribe with targeted organic followers with value driven content. 


This is the most important factor in building a brand and community online. Find your inner authentic voice, tap into your uniqueness, what makes you stand out from the crowd and run with it. Stay true to yourself. You won't be everyone's cup of peach tea and that is okay, you don't need to be. Those that appreciate your style will be loyal followers. Don’t change who you are to please others {its impossible and you will stress yourself out trying}. Use your story, your experiences to be relatable to your audience and convey how you can help solve their problems. Be real, transparent and operate from a place of integrity. Don't get caught up in the online marketing hype and presenting yourself as someone that you are not. Being fake will get you no where fast. 


This is a rule of success in all areas of life including blogging. Through your writing journey and social media you will continue to grow and learn, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and the more you will evolve as a person and grow your brand but only if you are consistent. What you put into it is what you will get out of it. You don't have to blog every day but you do need to set a schedule of how often you will blog. Creating fresh content is what is not only going to drive traffic to your blog put keep your readers coming back. Need blogging ideas to help get you jump started? Take the 30 Days To Become A Better Blogger Challenge. There are 30 days of content ideas and 50 headline templates. {This challenge is not set in stone, you can make this a 30 week challenge and divide the content up over 30 weeks, creating a new blog post each week v. every day}. 

Create a business plan for your blog to help keep you accountable and on track. Consistency is what builds the #TrustFactor with your audience and leads them to open their hearts and wallets to do business with you.


Know early on what your long term direction is with your blog. Are you providing value around a hobby, providing training, sharing the adventures of motherhood, providing information as an advocate for a cause or wanting to generate income? Whatever your goals are, stay laser focused on them. Everyday when you wake up strive to fulfill your "why" and purpose. When you feel like giving up, think back to that burning desire of why you started blogging in the first place and use that as motivation to keep pushing forward.


Every successful blog has a clear call to action, an opt in, and effectively funnels the reader into a follow up method {list building}. What is it that you want your readers to do before they leave your site? Click an ad, download an eBook, sign up for a newsletter, download a free tool, participate in a challenge? Whatever your call to action, be sure that your blog clearly reflects how your readers can access it quickly and easily. 

I started out using Mailchimp for my blog because it was free and I had a lot to learn in not only growing a list but email marketing in general. I recently upgraded to ConvertKit. My open and click through rates are higher with ConvertKit and I have been very happy with them so far. There are several options out there. Just do your research and do what feels right for your business and what you can afford. 

Thanks for stopping by so honored to have you here. Did you find these tips helpful? Would love to hear from you so be sure to leave a quick comment. 

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