Creative Brandista of the Week: Kate Oakley


Kate Oakley is a south Florida based lifestyle + personal branding photographer. She is the Founder of Adorned Photography, the former Kate Oakley Photography, which was established in 2013. Her passion is to help passionate entrepreneurs and business owners uniquely stand out with creative + customized brand imagery. Born and raised in Newport, RI, Kate loves all things nautical. When she isn't working with clients, you can find her cruising the Florida canals with her boyfriend and two dogs.




{Creative Brandista} How long have you been an entrepreneur and what led you down this path?

{Kate} I would say I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  It wasn't until recent years that I decided to dream big and chase after my dreams of owning my own business. Something inside of me told me it was my time to push forward and live the life I had always envisioned. 

{Creative Brandista} What were your biggest challenges when you first started?

{Kate} My biggest challenges when starting both my network marketing business and photography business were confidence, getting outside of my comfort zone, and not caring what others thought of me. I always thought of myself as a confident person until I started my own business. I quickly began questioning my ability, my skills, my purpose, etc. I quickly realized that I had to get outside of my comfort zone for the magic to happen. I had to talk to more people about what I was passionate about and why I was doing it. I had to collaborate with others and helps others succeed as well. I had to consider myself at the same level as those I looked up to. And lastly, I had to stop comparing myself and my journey to others. This was key. My success was not determined or defined by anyone else but myself. 

{Creative Brandista} How did you overcome those challenges?

{Kate} In addition to what I shared above, I also surrounded myself with a supportive tribe of like minded people. This was and is soooo helpful. You always want to be around others who encourage, inspire, and lift you up in life.

{Creative Brandista} How do you find/make time during the day to work your business around your kids + family?

{Kate} I like to keep somewhat of a daily schedule although I am not the greatest at this. I am fortunate enough that I work part-time at an office job and am able to dedicate the second half of my day to my other business. As a creative, I do have a hard time putting down my computer in the evening. Something I need to work on!

{Creative Brandista} What company are you partnered with and why did you choose that company?

{Kate} I am building both my own photography business and my Rodan + Fields Dermatologists business. My photography business is my true passion. I chose to also build a Rodan + Fields business because I fell in love with the products and the company. I knew that creating an extra stream of income would be extremely helpful. I would use this money to invest back into my photography new camera equipment, lighting equipment, go to workshops, marketing materials, etc.

{Creative Brandista} What is your best piece of advice/tips would you give a woman + mom working to build her business?

{Kate} Get very clear on what your WHY is from the beginning and develop an attraction marketing plan by building a personal brand. After working with a branding + business coach, I wish I had built a brand from day 1. Don't be like everyone else pushing products & blasting their business opportunity all over social me, this will not guarantee you success of any kind. Be authentic, honest, and unique. Serve others always!

{Creative Brandista} What are your favorite resources for personal development?

I love reading personal development books. I also LOVE blogs. I love using Pinterest as a resource to find interesting articles on personal branding, attraction marketing, etc. I am kind of all over the place but I love gaining knowledge any which way I can :  )

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