11 Powerhouse Creative Women In Business You Should Be Following

"If we surround ourselves with people who are successful, who are forward-moving, who are positive, who are focused on producing results, who support us, it will challenge us to be more and do more and share more. if you can surround yourself with people who will never let you settle for less than you can be, you have the greatest gift that anyone can hope for."
Tony Robbins, Unlimited Power

One of the many blessings that social media has had on my life the last 10 years of doing business online is the amazing women that I have had the honor to connect with and follow. Women who pride themselves in operating from a space of authenticity and integrity, women who believe in collaboration over competition (and I think we can all agree that in this noisy online space we need more women like that in our lives). 

I want to share these 11 incredible women with you so you too can experience and grow from their stories, gifts and talents. Many of these women I have the privilege of personally knowing and working with, others I closely follow for my own personal growth. It's my hope that you will find some valuable connections here, women you can connect with and learn from as you journey through building your own business and brand.

Melissa Bolton

Melissa Bolton

Melissa Bolton is copywriter and brand therapist who specializes in working with relationship-oriented, thoughtful visionaries. More specifically, [but not limited to]: coaches, indie business owners, photographers, designers, artists, Etsy transplants, boutique owners, small business start-ups, seasoned vets looking to rebrand, and those looking to take the leap and expand into the online community. I have followed Melissa for quite a while now and she never ceases to amaze me with her expertise and authentic approach. She has an amazing FREE Archetype Quiz that you definitely want to check out. 



Terri is also known as The Bossy Beauty for her sweet and sassy country girl style of leadership in the network marketing industry. She is a mom and passionate about inspiring and helping other women in business own their quiet confidence and succeed in all areas of their life while building a team of leaders. She is servant driven in all she does and you can join in on the fun over on her Facebook fan page and catch lots of amazing value she provides for life, business and all things hair care over on her Bossy Beauty blog


Kendra Dahlstrom

Kendra is a Mompreneur, a High-Performance Coach, and a Business Strategist and Consultant. She’s also an unabashedly dedicated wife and mother and she considers those the most important roles she plays in her life. On her journey from corporate America to entrepreneurship, she quickly recognized a deep need for a like-minded, non-competitive community to bring female entrepreneurs together to help them scale-up their business without overwhelm. This is how Aspire To Be International was founded in 2017, which is now recognized as one of the fastest organically growing communities helping six-figure earners grow to seven. 

When Kendra isn't coaching private clients or attending to her value-driven community, she is most definitely with her family enjoying the outdoors and life's precious moments. I have had the honor of working with Kendra and consider her to be a dynamic woman of business + faith in my circle. 

Christine Rose Elle

Christine is one of those beautiful spirits that as soon as you get connected with her you know that you have met a soul sister for life. She is a talented photographer and certified Beautiful You life coach and has been an amazing source of support for me in my own coaching journey. A connection I truly treasure. You can connect with Christine via her website  www.ChristineRoseElle.com and through her fun and creative Facebook group Heart Centered Coaching Community.

Rebecca Bradley

Rebecca is the Co-Founder of PinRight and my fun-loving British connection "across the pond". When I got serious about wanting to learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog I manifested the BEST in the business. Her Pinterest For Business training course completely transformed how I market my business and brand. I love Rebecca's style and consider her a great friend and business mentor. I know you will love her too. 

Amy Crane

Amy is the founder of Social Lab Marketing and one of those connections I would have never made if I had not been networking in Facebook groups. She is the Facebook Ad guru and I had the privilege of hopping on a Skype call with her to connect and learn more about her brand and business. I love her business ethics, she shares so many of the same values as I do. That business should be done from a soul centered space focusing on quality over quantity. If you are looking to learn and keep up with the constant changes of Facebook and Facebook Ads Amy is an invaluable resource. 


Michelle Spadafora

Michelle is the founder of Faithful Workouts and has been in the fitness industry since 1984. She created her community and program to be a place where people can strengthen themselves physically and spiritually.  Her Faithful & Fit program is FREE and includes great workouts for all fitness levels, practical nutrition information, recipes and a real community who knows that the journey to better health is more about encouraging each other and less about being perfect. I love Michelle's love for God and love for people so it's definitely one of my favorite communities so be sure to follow Michelle on Facebook and YouTube


Erin Gaulding

Erin is a well-known Business + Leadership coach primarily focusing on business owners and CEO’s.  She is an ontologically-trained coach focusing on igniting the inner fire to let that energy be the guide with her clients. I have had the honor of personally working with Erin and love her explosive energy and visionary leadership using her over 15+ years of personal entrepreneurial experience. You can connect with Erin through her website and to learn more about her Fire Up Lounge community


Bess Blanco

Bess will tell you she lives her dream daily as founder and CEO of FRESH Start. Her leadership skills are put to use daily as she wears the many hats that developing this organization demands. She has served in the roles of Health Coach, radio show host, speaker and author, coach trainer and mentor, program developer and more as she has worked faithfully to build these organizations from the ground up since January 2011. For me personally she is all these things and so much more as a dear friend and sister in Christ. 


Lesley Pyle

Lesley is the founder of HireMyMom.com, a community working to connect businesses with talented, affordable, virtual mom professionals and freelancers while at the same time, helping moms find flexible, legitimate, home-based work giving them the freedom and flexibility they desire. I found HireMyMom.com 10 years ago when I was looking for a way to be home after having my first child. I have since had the privilege of working with Lesley closely and love her faith centered passion for life, family and empowering other women. 


Michelle Myers

Michelle is the founder of She Works HIS Way, a community of Christian women who are committed to Christ, family + business...in that order. I have never connected with Michelle personally but started following her a couple of years ago on Instagram and loved her energy and mission to grow faith centered women leaders. I have been a member of her community and the incredible training and mentorship she and her team gives. 


Did you find some new connections to make through this list? Would love to hear who you are now following and who is inspiring you at this point in your business so be sure to leave me a comment. Of course I would love to connect with you over on my Creative Momista fan page where I am active daily and having conversations with other amazing faith based women. 


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