Creative Content Creation: How To Take Your Social Media Posts From Drab To Fab

Any business owner who is using social media to build a business knows the importance of creating great content for their audience. Content creation is the back bone of your business. Its what builds your brand, builds trust, attracts clients and sells products. The more creative and unique the content, the more your personal brand and business will stand out.

Yes, #Newsflash you will need to up your creative game so its time to let go of the B.S. story you have been selling yourself that you "do not have a creative bone in your body". I believe everyone has a creative spirit buried inside of them.

Need proof? As a child you did creative free-spirit things like craft your own games, create make believe friends and went on imaginary adventures. Your adult self has just buried your inner playful child who was not afraid to let her mind explore and color outside the lines. Its time to let her out if you want to be a sought after resource and brand.


There are two very different ways to share content on social media. One is effective and one is not. One will attract results, the other makes your business look like a bad 2 a.m pick up line. One is profitable, the other is not. One makes you stand out, the other makes you the CEO of the Business of Boring. 

If there is one concept that you as a business owner needs to fully, whole-heartedly burn into your brain is that your business is NOT about you. Its about giving value to other people. Its about solving problems for a targeted audience. Making money, selling products, landing your next dream client, earning a company paid for cruise of a lifetime is a direct by-product of the value that you give. 

Let me explain it like this:

Let's say that you share my HGTV junkie worthy obsession for shows like Fixer Upper, Love It or List It, and Flip Or Flop. Why would you watch these shows? Why would you find them valuable? To experience the whole restoration process, right? The gratification of the last 10 minutes when you see the big reveal. The creative vision all come together to see the end result. A home that has been completely transformed while you picked up some free interior design and DIY tips in the process.

Now, where are you when the commercials come on? Potty break, grabbing a quick snack, throwing some laundry on, checking your emails....basically your mind is any where but focused on the five to six 30 second advertisements because you need to hear another teeth whitening toothpaste commercial like you need a hole in your head but when the show comes back on you are completely re-engaged and enthralled. Sound about right?

The show is SHARING value and why you want to watch it, the commercials are SELLING and why you could give two cents. 

Now think about YOUR business. Are you giving value that keeps your audience not wanting to miss a minute of your content or are they scrolling past your pitchy sales-y toned posts to take a potty break?


To stand out and keep your network plugged into YOUR show stopping brand, you will need to create content that is authentic, unique, creative and solves their problems. Gone are the days of copying and pasting what 1,000 other people are doing. Its time to play the marketing game differently and take your content from drab to fab. 

Be Original. Individuality is the way to win over customers and clients. There is only one Oprah, J.K. Rowling, Martha Stewart and Madonna. All of these women have strong personal brands built on their unique style, gifts and talents. You don't see these women copying each other's posts. Would Madonna copy and paste a post from Martha Stewart word for word and through it up on her Instagram account?

That is totally absurd right {I mean can you IMAGINE?? lol} but every day I see online marketers using the same style verbiage ads to get webinar sign-ups, icky fear of missing out tactics, same stock photography and direct sellers copying posts word-for-word. When everyone looks similar is waters down everyone's message.

The content that you create should be 100% unique to you and your personal brand unless you are sharing someone else's content and giving them credit because it resonated with you and you felt your network would find it valuable. Marketing yourself like every one else = you looking like every one else. 

Take your own photos as much as possible, use your own words, take people on a journey with you centered around what you find valuable in your every day life. Standing out requires some out of the box thinking and creativity, digging deep to find your unique buzz words and messaging and a little more research to find photos that everyone else is not using but the pay off is huge to stay out of swimming in the Sea of Sameness. 

Creative Example >> My coaching client and one of my closest friends Kate Oakley does a great job sharing her network marketing products while giving value. Here she shares her go to products for a 5 minute flawless face and not every product here is something she sells. She got great engagement and someone asking her for advice.

#Boom, that is what becoming a trusted resource looks like and she didn't need to ask anyone to message her to do it. What a concept. 

Know Your Target Market. Your story and experiences are meant to serve a very specific audience. For example, if you are with a health and wellness company, saying that you help anyone looking to lose weight is NOT effective. Know what specific problems your audience has and SHOW them why you are the person to solve it with value. 

Creative Example >> If you are a busy mom who needs quick healthy meal ideas and you want to help other busy moms cook fast healthy meals, share recipes and meal prepping tips to help busy moms.

Create How-To Posts. One of the biggest mistakes I see on social media is people sharing pictures of their dinner meals, morning smoothies, latest make-up look which is great but there is no how-to included with the post. Would you want to watch the last 10 minutes of your favorite show without knowing the back story or how the DIY project was created? That would be a total buzz kill. 

Creative Example >> If you are wanting to help busy moms cook fast healthy meals include a picture. You can take photos of your own meal creations or share a photo from Pinterest just always ensure you give proper credit on where you pulled it from by tagging their social media account or sharing the website. Ensure the picture is bright and not pixelated, fuzzy or poor quality. The more value you include the more it will be liked, commented on and shared which drives traffic back to you. 

This is a great example from one of my coaching clients Alicia Roberts. She shared a great photo, included the recipe and why her family loves sweet potatoes giving it that personal connection with her audience. 

Here is another great example from one of my coaching clients Laura Eickstead owner of Dream Nest Designs. She is an interior designer and professional organizer. She shared this awesome photo of her home coffee bar. Notice her post and engagement.

Did she say "message me to learn about my packages!"


"Check out my website to learn how we can work together!"

No. I mean a picture truly is worth a thousands words. Its obvious she has great style and knows what she is doing and the very first comment is a potential client. Had she gone for the cut throat sales pitch her engagement would not have been as high.

Consumer psychology is funny. People love to buy but they don't want to be sold to or told what to do and why call to actions don't work well. Don't tell people what they need. Show them how it can solve their problems. Show them why YOU are the person to do it. 

Share Your Story. Your story has a huge impact on your network. Facts tell, stories sell. People want to connect with YOU. Your story is your greatest asset because it can not be duplicated. Allowing yourself to be real, raw and vulnerable makes you relatable. Its like giving people a back stage pass to your life. 

Creative Example >> My friend and coaching client Leticia Christen is a budgeting coach who helps families live a life rich in love and prosperity. She could spend her time pitching about her budgeting bootcamps but instead she shares her back story. By sharing her story without asking for anything in return {to message her, check out her website, etc.} she attracts people to ask her the HOW. "How did you get out of debt?" "Can you help me have the same story?" Her story is not like anyone else's and it attracts way more people to work with her than trying to sell her bootcamps. 

Show Off Your Unique Style. You have a style all of your own. Start using it. Maybe its your sarcastic humor, maybe its colorful tattoos, maybe its spunky hair, maybe you are a great writer, maybe you love graphic design. Just like your story, no one can pull off your style and personality traits the way you can {they can try but there is only one #BrandOfYou}. 

Creative Example >> One of my favorite people to follow on social media is Kimberly Jones Pothier. She is inspiring and I LOVE her funky edgy style. 

Create Personally Branded Graphics. Choose imagery that is unique to you and your style and create graphics with inspirational + motivational quotes. You can do this in Canva and apps like Wordswag. Be consistent with your style and the imagery that you use. Check out my full Brand Imagery How-To blog post HERE

Creative Example >> Here are two examples, one is mine and the other is from another coaching client Jennifer Shook. Think outside the box. Use images, fonts and styles that you don't see a lot of other marketers using. Remember the goal is to stand out as much as possible. To create your own unique style and representation. 

Posts that are driven by value are being ranked higher in social media newsfeeds thanks to clever algorithms. The more you try to sell and the more you copy and paste, the more your account is going to be penalized for it. Facebook especially is cracking down on people who want to do business for free. Apple doesn't get to market their products for free why should you be allowed to? Because you are a "small" business owner? That argument will get you no where so you might as well learn how to play a legit online marketing game.

The next time you craft a post for social media be objective and ask yourself some brutally honest questions:
• Is this content that I would find valuable as a customer? 
• Would it help me solve a problem?
• Is it original?
• Authentic?
• Is it creative? 

Bottom line: your content is either fun, creative and entertaining or people are leaving the room to grab their favorite cocktail and let the dog out when your commercial comes across their newsfeed. 

April Williams is the Creative Momista and Soulpreneur of 2 boys + whimsical wavemaker + creative expressive + Texas country girl + branding junkie who loves green mint tea + horses + fuzzy socks + surrounding herself with high achieving amazing women + peppermint anything + the color red + cozy coffee shops. She is a personal branding strategist for creative women in business and founder of Creative Brandista™.

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