How to Rock Your Brand And Blog Using Only Pinterest

When I first launched my blog in 2014, I knew that as an introverted creative who loves to express herself through writing, I wanted my blog to be a critical part of my marketing strategy. I am firmly rooted in the core belief of giving value to serve others to grow a thriving business and brand as an online marketer and Pinterest has played a major role in rocking my business, blog and brand. 

Pinterest is a highly unique platform with its culture of planning, sharing and purchasing. People go to Pinterest to plan and create visually appealing virtual "dream boards" and in one click they are able to buy those items. Content on Pinterest is long lasting due to the evergreen nature of pins and consumers are in "buying" mode while tapped into this platform. A person who is Pinspired is a person who is opening their hearts and wallets.

When I looked at each platform I wanted to ensure that the content I created would work for me over and over. Content on the Twitter is short lived staying on the feed for 24-30 minutes and Facebook fan pages have zero organic reach. I wanted a platform that was evergreen and Pinterest is definitely a traffic driving force to be reckoned with.

I wrote this blog post almost 2 years ago about how to rock your business and brand using only Facebook and every day it is being repinned and driving traffic to my blog. Work I did one time, uploaded to Pinterest and it drives daily traffic on autopilot. At the time of the this blog post it has been repinned 3.2K times. Content is also searchable on Pinterest just like Google using keywords. I did a search for "using Facebook for marketing" and my blog post is at the top of the list. 

I had tried for over a year to learn Pinterest on my own. Its not like any other platform which on the one hand is great but on the other hand made the learning curve difficult to navigate on my own. After a year of struggling I finally found a course to help me learn the right way to use Pinterest as a business owner, writer and blogger. 

I will cover some of my basic strategies that I have used to go from a following of 10 to over 2300 and how I have created content, some of which have been pinned thousands of times. One of my quote memes has been pinned over 60K and all of this traffic is being driven directly to my blog. 

Below are my most recent analytics as of February 2017. As you can see Pinterest is responsible for 79% of my blog traffic despite being active daily on other social media platforms. 14% is coming from direct organic traffic, Facebook with less than 4% and Twitter is barely worth mentioning. 

As you can see, numbers don't lie and the power of Pinterest can not be denied. It takes hard work and consistency but the results are well worth it. Its important to note that Pinterest is a platform where the 80/20 rule applies like this: 80% pinning other people's content and 20% pinning your own content. You can't expect to pin only your content and obtain much traffic or followers. Give to receive is always the name of the game. 

Before I dive in, a quick housekeeping tip: if you don't have an existing Pinterest account you will need to create one and go ahead and create a business account if you plan to use it for your brand and blog. If you have an existing Pinterest account check to see if you have a personal account or business account. If its a personal one you will need to switch it to a business account. Its free and you can do this right from the home page/log in screen. 

Once you have a business account go into your account settings and verify your website to enable rich pins

Below are my top  strategies for how I primarily use Pinterest as a blogger and what accounts for more than 75% of my blog traffic:

1. Blog consistently. Consistent content for all bloggers is crucial. In order to have content to pin and drive traffic to your blog, you need to create it. I am committed to blogging 2-3 times a month. I have created a board titled " Blog" where I pin all of my content to one place (this board is my only exception to the 80/20 rule as this is a board to specifically highlight my blog content). I then created other boards broken down by the categories of my blog content (Blogging, Personal Branding, Email Marketing, Mompreneur Tips, etc.) where I repin from my primary blog board and follow the 80/20 rule by pinning content from other bloggers as well.

(If you are struggling to come up with consistent content for your blog, check out my 30 Day Blog Challenge with writing prompts and Google friendly headline templates to help get you started. Its FREE. My gift to you. xo)

2. Branded Pinterest Graphics. To pin your blog posts to Pinterest you need to embed a separate image into your blog posts with the title to ensure it is optimized for Pinterest. I use Canva to create mine. Its free to create an account and many of the templates are free. 

To keep a cohesive look to my account, I use the same image I used for my blog post thumbnail image for the Pinterest graphic and I use the same template every time which is saved in Canva. Canva has done-for-you blog graphics already created so you don't have to worry about knowing what size graphic you need. Simply click on the blog graphic design to access the many pre-designed templates. 

Create a template that is cohesive with the style and design of your brand and stay consistent. Consistency builds brand recognition. I use the same design and font each time with my logo and brand name at the bottom of each graphic. 

3. Pin To Pinterest. When you have completed your blog post and published it to your blog, you can then pin your blog post directly to the Pinterest board you created for your blog. Simply open the blog post and hover over your blog graphic image that you created in Canva and embedded into your blog post. The Pinterest save it/pin it icon should appear in the upper left hand corner.

If for some reason the Pinterest icon does not appear when you hover over the image, you may need to install the Google Chrome extension for Pinterest which definitely comes in handy for saving articles from other blogs.

When you click on the pin it button for your blog graphic, Pinterest will launch and you can now save your blog post to your blog board. 

4. Branded Memes. Another strategy that I have used to drive traffic to my blog from Pinterest is to create memes around my brand and pin them to Pinterest. This has been a gold mind for my blog traffic. I am a designer by nature and playing up to this strength has really paid off. 

I create my quote photos using stock images that are free from copyright concerns (please don't just pull random photos from Google. You don't want to get slapped with a hefty fine for using copyrighted photos). I love Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, Adobe Stock and Shutterstock to find lifestyle imagery and some of my photos I have used solid backgrounds. You can create these in phone apps like Rhonna and Wordswag or also in Canva. 

The key to creating imagery for your brand is to be consistent. When you use the same fonts and style of imagery it builds your brand recognition. Be sure to add your website, brand or logo to your images so it drives the traffic back to you and I can not stress this enough, STAY CONSISTENT. 

Many of my memes have over 10K repins on Pinterest and the url points directly to my website and one of my #CreativeMomista memes has over 60K repins. (I was using #CreativeMomista early on and rebranded to funnel everything under Creative Brandista. I also own that funnels directly to my about page). 

You don't have to be a designer or super creative to create images with inspirational quotes on them. Decide on a template and style that you like even if its a solid background or a type of imagery. I love bohemian inspired lifestyle imagery. Maybe you love nature photos or butterflies. The trick is to stay consistent. You can come up with your own quotes or add your favorite quotes to them (always give proper attribution to the original author. Always.)

For the Coco Calla organic coconut oil company I am a partner in, we use a white background with the same style font and our logo at the bottom. Pinterest is driving a lot of traffic to our Shopify store just from our quote images on Pinterest and we recently had The Secret share one of our memes on their Facebook fan page which has over 8 million fans. Total pinch us moment and the power of imagery! 

Create a board on Pinterest for inspirational type quote photos and add the memes that you create to this board. Remember the 80/20 etiquette rule for Pinterest: 20% your content and re-pinning other content 80% of the time. 

5. Infographics. These are also very popular on Pinterest. If you love to use Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator you can create these for many of your blog posts and then pin them to an appropriate Pinterest board by topic.

I have created very simple ones in Canva for I am not very talented in Photoshop or Illustrator and honestly I don't care to take the time to learn. So use what skills you have to your advantage and create infographics for a few of your blog posts and test it out to see what kind of traffic they bring you. 

6. Pinning Strategy. You want to create boards that appeal to your target audience. Boards that don't speak to the type of audience you want to attract but are of personal interest to you, make them secret boards. Using Pinterest for business takes a different strategy than using it for personal fun. My boards are very targeted and of interest to creative women who are online marketers. 

You want to pin an average of 20-30 times each day. I try to upload 1-2 pieces of my own content every day, a meme or blog post, and the rest I am pinning content that I know my targeted audience would enjoy from other accounts. 

Pinterest is a powerful traffic driver and in my opinion a must for any blogger. I have shared my best strategies for how I use Pinterest but if you find you need more training I highly recommend the PinRight Pinterest For Business Course. I went from 10 followers to over 2,300 and I average 1700 repins every single week. It was the best investments I have ever made in growing my blog and I reference the training modules often as I am always tweaking my strategy. 

I hope you found these strategies helpful in getting started with Pinterest to rock your brand and blog. Would love to connect with you and see what is pinspiring you. (You can find me under Creative Momista. xo)

In the spirit of full disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means my family may earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) when you purchase something using one of my links. I take pride in only recommending products I have used and can recommend from personal experience. 

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