Letting Go Of Distractions And Finding More Purpose

Have you ever had a "defining moment" in your life? A moment that was so profound that you almost felt a shift in the universe? A moment that you wrote down in your mental calendar? A moment where you knew it would be a turning point even if you didn't know exactly what that meant? 

I recently had a moment like that where I allowed myself to let go of a major distraction that resulted in finding more clarity and purpose. Specifically January 29, 2017, a Sunday afternoon where I had a few quiet moments to myself and sat down to catch up on social media. As I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed I found myself becoming more and more agitated at the political posts.

I was having way too many moments like this. Was this ever going to stop? Would my Facebook newsfeed ever get back to some kind of normalcy where people started sharing pictures of their kids, recipes and funny mom moments again?

In that moment I decided I was D.O.N.E.

I was not going to wait for people to get over the election. I was not going to waste another ounce of energy on reading an over zealous opinion on the latest signed executive order or seeing fake news resources blaring across my newsfeed (I mean really, it takes only a few minutes to verify our sources before we freak out and share). 

In that moment of irritation that seemed to occur every time I went down the Facebook rabbit hole, I made a decision that I was not going to spend another ounce of energy on it. I promptly removed the Facebook and Messenger app from my phone and have not looked back.

Life is really too short. 

I had been conditioned for years in building a business through social media to believe that I needed to be available. If I missed a message I would miss a potential sale, miss working with a client, miss a discussion that could lead to an opportunity to network.

This led to unnecessary stress and forming a horrible habit of walking around with my phone glued to my hand. The need to be reachable had led me down a path of feeling anxious because I was allowing it to control way too much of my time.  

I had been struggling for months feeling like I needed to re-evaluate what I was doing with my business. I was feeling like it was time to take that next step but I could not figure out what that looked like specifically and it was causing me a lot of frustration. That moment of releasing the need to be tied to my Facebook account was the catalyst to figuring out that "next step". 

I have spent the last 10 years building a business through my personal brand and mentoring others on how to do the same. My brand has been centered around authentic branding and how to live our bold authentic truth out loud and my passion for that will never change but as I dig deeper into myself I realize that I have more to say and more to share. 

In 2014 I walked away from the network marketing industry and for the last three years I have had an overwhelming desire to simplify my life in every way.

I spent years chasing rank advancements, the magic formula for building a business bigger and faster, signing up for every webinar imaginable and wasting hours listening to creative words and half truths that did not solve any of my problems on how to be more successful (unless of course I wanted to spend $997 to get all the life changing answers), putting my kids to bed early so I could be on conference calls and allowing my family to come in second because some guru said "short term sacrifices for long term rewards" was the secret to success. 

What I learned through a lot of tough lessons and moments I can't take back where I did not make the right choices is life is a gift, tomorrow is not promised and success takes time. We can't sacrifice our well-being or personal priorities in order to rush results. A lesson I had to learn the hard way as I allowed myself to get caught up in the online marketing hype of "build it bigger, build it faster" and what others define as "successful". 

I started to see how damaging this pattern was for not only myself but my family. I was constantly trying to do more. Finish one more blog post. Hit that next goal a month early. Hustle harder. Going into debt to pay for coaching and courses. I was living in a perpetual cycle of feeling like it was never enough. I was never working hard enough, never seeing enough results and I never felt like I was enough. 

Letting go of the fear of missing out on a message and the need to be connected to Facebook through the convenience of an app was more than letting go of a distraction. What followed was the moment of clarity I had been needing to figure out my next steps in serving others. 

My need for simplicity the last 2 years has caused me to make many personal changes in my life. I have simplified my closest keeping my wardrobe to a minimum with neutral items I can mix and match easily. I have decluttered my home of trinkets that gather dust to take a more minimalist approach to my decor and design choosing larger pieces that make a statement. I take a more intentional approach to my business so I am working smarter, not harder. 

Its been a life changing journey for me and while personal branding is a huge part of my business and the main focus of my teaching I am excited to embark on a new journey of sharing a minimalist approach to life, business and design to help others live with more intention and less perfection.  

The world is a noisy one that tries to convince us that doing more will drive more results and I believe good things come from being more intentional and not sacrificing the things we love. 

I believe a minimalist approach to life, mompreneurship and design leads us to be more fulfilled, have less physical and mental clutter and as a result we decrease the stress in our daily lives and can create more success. 

Have you been searching for clarity and direction in your own life? Take some time to re-evaluate where you are spending the majority of your time and energy. Are your daily habits bringing you joy or frustration? Yes there are variables in your life that are beyond your control (like that super negative co-worker or family member) however, you do control many aspects of your life and how zen or un-zen it is. 

Letting go of distractions to live a more simple life brings clarity and when we see things more clearly we can live and work more intentionally. We don't need more hours in a day or to get more done. We need to make the hours we have count. 

What habits can you let go of this week to free up time for more meaningful work and relationships? What area of your home can you declutter to help you feel less weighted down? Start there and stay tuned for so much more to come from me on a more minimalist approach to life, business and design. xo

April Williams is the #CreativeMomista of two boys • Storyteller • Coffee Addict • Woman Warrior Of God • Texas Country Girl • Creative Expressive • A vintage soul passionate about living a simple life with a modern approach to business and branding

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