5 Ways To Grow Your Mompreneur Business This Month Like A Pro

Hey beautiful creative mompreneur! Are you looking to grow your business like a pro and more consistently this month? I have some great tips and resources for you with this blog post so grab a fresh cup of coffee and let's dive right in together!

1. Create A Valuable Resource.

Gone are the days where simply announcing to the world that you are a mindset coach, Etsy shop owner, massage therapist or professional network marketer will attract much attention. Why? Because there are a million+ people online marketing that way so the messaging of "hey look at me and what I do!" is heavily watered down. Standing out requires more creativity than ever before and one of the best ways to up your content marketing game is to create information that solves a problem for others positioning you as a trusted go to resource v. the chick who is waving her arms in a crowd trying to get noticed. 

• Think about a free eBook (I create mine in Word and save as a PDF that can be delivered via email when someone subscribes to my email list) that can solve an immediate problem for your audience

• Create worksheets to help your following get better organized

• Record a training to give value and inspire your audience. The Soundcloud app is a great resource for this and the content on your Soundcloud account can be synced with iTunes which means you have a little mini-podcast all your own. You can download the app to your phone, record and upload it to your Soundcloud account. From there is can be shared across social media and embedded into a blog post as an audio file. I follow some great mentors on Soundcloud.

• Create a coupon for new clients that can be downloaded from your website or delivered when they subscribe to your email list for a discount on products or services you offer. 

With so much competition out there, consumers expect something of value before opening their wallets. 

2. Leverage Multiple Social Media Platforms.

I am not a believer that you need to be seen and heard across the entire world wide web. Being a jack of all trades, master of none will have you spread too thin and feeling stressed out but you do need to have a presence on social media to build brand recognition and trust. Mastering 2-3 platforms is a good place to start. Which platforms? That depends on the type of business you have. A Facebook fan page so customers can leave reviews and you can run targeted ads is a good place to start and from there branch out based on what makes sense for your business. 

As a branding strategist and social media manager, I run a service based business. Facebook, Instagram (Alex Tooby has a great FREE Instagram course), Pinterest and LinkedIn are the platforms that make the most sense for me right now to drive traffic to my content and services, especially Pinterest as a blogger and LinkedIn for B2B (business to business) connections. 

If you are a brick and mortar, for example, Facebook and Instagram are probably your best bet to start with. If you are an online marketer Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are great resources. Bottom line is to know the demographics of your customers. Where they are hanging out is where you need to be hanging out.

Some online marketing expert might be pushing that Snapchat is the latest and greatest tool but if your target audience is 40 year old women who love organic skin care, for example, Snapchat is probably not going to be the best tool for your business no matter what some guru says. 

Know your business AND your audience. 

3. Spend An Hour A Day Connecting With Potential Prospects and Customers.

Most business owners are making the crucial mistake of not having a well rounded marketing strategy. While writing a blog post and sharing it to your Facebook fan page is great, never forget the value that is found in one on one conversations and networking and when you create something of value, you can leverage that to reach out to potential prospects and customers.

I recently followed a new organic skin care line on Instagram and the next day received a personal private message from the company thanking me for following their Instagram account and offered me a 20% off code for my first order. Talk about customer service! That day I visited their website, placed and order and used my coupon. Their proactive approach in connecting with a new follower led to a sell in less than 24 hours.

To help get the word out and offer value when I first launched my coaching business, I went through my Facebook birthday notifications every morning to see who fit my target market, sent them a private message with birthday well wishes and offered them a free 20 minute coaching call (they had to book it in the next 30 days to create urgency). Some took me up on it, some didn't, some of the coaching calls resulted in new clients and some didn't but that was okay. The goal was to get the word out about my coaching services and offer something of value at the same time v. me just blasting their inbox with my excitement about my new coaching gig which most people don't honestly care about.

When my business partner Rebecca and I launched Socially Tailored Marketing, we created a questionnaire through Google Docs that potential clients interested in branding and social media services can fill out. Even if working with a client is not a good fit or we don't have availability to take on a new client, we still take the time to respond via email with some tips that can help them in their business because we love to give value and support other business owners.

So get creative! Think outside the box and spend an hour every day personally connecting with potential customers and prospects to offer something of value while spreading awareness about your business and brand.

4. Get Organized.

This may seem like a no-brainer but have a real honest conversation with yourself. Are you as organized as you could be? Are you making the most out of the time you have during the day in all areas of your life? 

As a mom who is running a family and a business, its imperative that you be as organized as possible. Set goals, have a schedule, create a system. If you don't, your day will be running you, not the other way around leaving you frustrated, exhausted and not very productive. Try some different things until you find what works for you and aligns with your personality. Again, just because some guru says you need to use Evernote doesn't mean that is the right fit for you. 

If you have struggled with goal setting here is a FREE passion planning and goal setting guide to help get you on the right track ↴

MompreneurGoalSettingGuide (1).png

I was on a training call one time centered around time management and as soon as they started talking about tracking my time, schedule and business notes into an Excel spreadsheet I immediately hopped off. There was no point in spending another second on that when I LOATHE Excel. I am always open to trying new things and learning how to be more efficient but Excel is not my jam, I don't care if Oprah says its the greatest thing ever, it doesn't work for me. Know yourself and your personality.

Stay aligned with who you are and give yourself permission to filter the massive amounts of information coming into your space daily. Find what works for you but get as organized as you can to save time and your sanity.

Ways to be more organized:

• Create a schedule for yourself for each day of the week. For example, on Monday I schedule out as much content as I can for the whole week. Wednesdays are set aside to write a new blog post. Thursday I grocery shop and run as may errands as I can so I am only out one day during the week. Monday through Thursday I prospect for new clients and do follow-ups. I do this in the morning before anything else to ensure it gets done because its the . I stay focused on working until noon or 1pm so I can unplug for family time, a yoga flow work out and reading. I will check messages one more time before bed and then its lights out no later than 10pm otherwise I am a cranky fun sucker the next day. 

• Have one calendar/planner. Keep all of your appointments in one place.

• Use an invoicing/payment system like QuickBooks or Freshbooks to invoice clients, track payments, expenses and client notes. This makes tax time easier too. 

• Use scheduling tools like an online calendar for clients to set appointments blocking out times that work with your schedule to avoid overbooking yourself. 

• Use a social media scheduling tool like HooteSuite, Sprout Social, Schedugram, etc. to pre-plan your content.

5. Expand Your Reach.

While marketing on your own platforms is a great way to grow your influence and your business its also important to expand your reach and get in front of a larger audience. Find podcasters in your niche and ask if they are looking for guests to interview. Be prepared to share your story to inspire their listeners and to give a lot of tips and value during your interview. 

Consider guest blogging to help reach new audiences. I have written content for The Mogul Mom, Grit & VirtueWBWM.com and Liquido Active. Other sites like Rising Tide Society, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Inc., Tiny Buddha and mindbodygreen also accept guest blog posts.

Just ensure that the content you provide makes sense for their target audience and yours. You will be able to promote the blog post across your social media sites when it publishes further edifying your expertise. 

If you have a product based business, team up with other brands and influencers to host a joint giveaway on Instagram. For example, if you are an Etsy shop owner who makes coffee cups geared towards christian women, you could team up with other mom business owners who have similar products like bible journaling packs or a t-shirt shop owner who makes spiritual graphic tees to host a give away combining your products. 

You can search Instagram by hashtag and then reach out via private message inviting them to participate in a give-away. The key to this is to look for accounts with a decent following AND have good engagement. If you land on an account that has 10K followers but each post generates very few likes and comments their followers are likely not organic. You want to team up with people who have built a community with their following. 

Get laser focused on applying these tips to your mompreneur owned business and get growing this month!  Did you find these tips helpful? Leave me a comment would love to hear from you and I would be so honored for you to share it with your fellow creative mompreneurs. Success is definitely sweeter when shared xo

April Williams is the #CreativeMomista of two boys • Storyteller • Coffee Addict • Woman Warrior Of God • Texas Country Girl • Creative Expressive • A vintage soul passionate about living a simple life with a modern approach to business and branding