What if my life is enough just the way it is?

Everywhere I look there is someone trying to tell me how to be happier. How my life does not quite live up to their standards of happiness and success. I should strive to have more, be more, hustle harder, dream bigger, let go of my "excuses", travel more, live a different lifestyle. 

How I should "Fake it till you make it!".

Hold up a minute. Its okay to fake my success until I am actually successful? And until I make it where exactly?

I am confused. 


As hard as I try, social media so often leaves me feeling like my life is being put under someone else's microscope until I am being sucked in and comparing myself to the perfectly filtered world around me. 

Confession: I was guilty of buying into this nonsense for a long time. The constant chatter that I had to keep setting my sights and goals higher in all areas of my life in order to reach someone else's version of the perfect lifestyle.

But what if my life is enough just the way it is?

What if being at home in my yoga pants, flip flops and $8 Target t-shirt with my hair in a messy bun working from my laptop makes me happy? What if I never own a designer handbag and am happy with my cotton hippie messenger bag that holds my wallet, favorite beet colored organic lip gloss and the treasures I find at my local farmers market?

What if honoring the person I am today right now in this very moment, the imperfect hot mess all of me, is where my soul finds fulfillment? What if my vision board consists of weekend trips to state parks, camp fires with my boys and trips traveling through small towns to rummage through antique shops? Where contentment is found in slowing down, simplicity and a less is more way of life.

What if my business never creates a 6 figure income? What if I define success in working with a few great clients who are fun, creative and uplifting to work with? What if I am not interested in launching a product to sell to the masses so I can claim a rags to riches story. Does that make me any less successful that I don't earn 5 figures per month and can't flash a high end lifestyle all over social media?

What if I never travel the world and go to exotic places and dine in 5 star restaurants? What if I am happy being an introverted home body who loves to express her creativity through writing and enjoys the occasional trip to my local java spot to support and connect with local peeps? What if my joy is found sitting on my back porch swing listening to the wind and the laughter of my children move with the breeze through the trees?

What if we embrace progress over perfection as women and moms? Kicking people pleasing to the curb once and for all and choose to pursue what brings us joy on our own terms, to love who we are unapologetically. What if we value the stay at home mom the same way we do a boss babe who is chasing her crazy dreams? 

What if we finally admit that success is subjective and looks different for everyone? Where we stop shaming the moms on our friends list telling her she is living a life of excuses and accept that she is just not interested in selling stuff to her friends and family. What if we support the happiness she finds in play dates and Pinterest crafts with her kids or working her 9-5 job, because here's the truth...it doesn't make her any less ambitious that her path is not an entrepreneurial one.

What if we stop listening to the opinions and judgments of others and instead lean into who God created us to be? Trusting Him to use the messy parts of our lives, gifts and talents to bring value into the lives of others and beauty into the world that will glorify Him to those who need to know they too are loved and treasured no matter their past or mistakes. 

So this is me, declaring what happiness and success looks like for my life. That I won't buy into anyone making me feel less than because it does not mirror their expectations. That I will own every ounce of my worth and imperfections. To honor the journey of growth I am on, knowing that I can boldly pursue my passions without feeling stressed out or rushed to fit into someone else's timeline. Where the definition of success goes much deeper than the number of zeros at the end of the balance on my bank account and how many social media followers I have. Where its okay to value quality over quantity and deep connections over having thousands of email subscribers. That I give myself permission to be perfectly happy with my life while knowing I possess the power to change it if at any time I become unhappy.

At the end of the day I know what best defines success and happiness for me and my family, not anyone else. I know when my life is enough and when its not. 

And friend, you do too. 

April Williams is the #CreativeMomista of two boys • Storyteller • Coffee Addict • Woman Warrior Of God • Texas Country Girl • Creative Expressive • A vintage soul passionate about inspiring mompreneurs to embrace their enough.