To The Weary But Passionate Mompreneur

To the mom who lovingly and tirelessly serves her family while passionately pursuing her dreams, I see you.

I see the struggle of trying to balance following your multi-passions and business while raising your family. I see how strongly you feel called to help and serve others while striving to be the best mom you can be. I see you giving yourself grace and the permission to choose progress over perfection. 

I see the passion you have for life and the creative ideas burning inside of you, the woman who needs to thrive while following her calling. I see the disappointment you feel when others don't understand why you aren't happy "just being a mom".  

I see your guilt when work and life spill over into one another and you are scrambling to figure out dinner two nights in a row and the laundry is piled up. I see you have moments where you question the sacrifices you are making, wondering if it's all worth it.

I see how boldly you stand up for what you believe in, even when you feel like you are the only one standing. I see you fearlessly speak from your heart even when it feels like no one is listening. I see you being a role model for the little people in your life who are watching you, an example of what is possible when you believe in yourself. I see you pick yourself up when you feel knocked down by criticism and rejection.

I see the moments when you feel weary and worn out from giving so much of yourself but I also see you gracefully pull yourself together when you want to fall completely apart. I see you carry on with your head held high determined not let judgment or unsolicited opinions break your spirit or bring you down. 

I see you weary, passionate mompreneur and I hope I will keep seeing you because the world needs strong women like you who will bravely show others that God-given dreams are still worth chasing. The world needs bold women like you who own their worth in Christ, who are willing to show up real, raw and authentic to courageously share their stories for His glory.

The world needs you.

Yes, you.

You may not always feel qualified but that quiet confidence inside of you nudges you to keep going and so you keep pushing, even when you’re worn out and have moments of doubt. You keep going not because you have something prove but because you accept what God has called you to, choosing faith over fear. 

You say yes to showing up because you believe showing up matters. Even when you don't have it all together when you are barely holding your head above water on day 3 of dry shampoo and a messy bun because you know showing up gives other moms the ray of hope and encouragement they need to keep letting God be the author of their stories too. 

So promise me that you will keep showing up, that you won't lose sight of the incredibly strong woman God has created you to be. Promise me you will keep sharing your beautiful story with the world of how God is working in your life and growing you through your journey. Even in the midst of your craziness, where your passions and motherhood often collide and you question whether you have any sanity left. Even when it looks messy and complicated. 

The world needs you. Other passionate, mompreneurs need you. They need to know they are not alone when they feel the weight of chaos and the lies of the enemy creeping in, tempting them to give up. They see you too beautiful friend and I pray we keep seeing you because God is using you to make more of a difference than you probably even know.

Yes, you. 

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