How To Use Your Everyday Life To Create Compelling Content

Did you know a human brain processes between 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts every day? Wouldn't it be great if you could use some of the thoughts you have every day to create compelling content for your business and brand?

I know what you are going to say because I hear it all the time "I am not very creative. Creating content daily is a struggle for me". While I understand that crafting content that provokes interest does not happen easily for some, I firmly believe its a skill that can be mastered by anyone if they are willing to intentionally work on it.

Its a matter of training our brains to look at the thoughts we have as endless possibilities for creating value. To use our everyday lives as inspiration. I don't know about you but my life can be pretty entertaining at times.


Let me give you an example of how random thoughts can be used to craft content that is compelling for your audience. I woke up the other morning to greet the day and this was literally the first thought to run through my head: 

"no cuts, no buts, no coconuts

Why? Because I am a mom of 2 boys who has seen Wreck It Ralph one too many times. Okay more like 127 too many times, the point is that I have not had any real adult time since having my first son 11 years ago. Now I walk around reciting random lines from animated movies like this one and belting out the theme song from Paw Patrol at any given moment for absolutely no reason.

As I got myself up and the boys ready for school thinking about all that I needed to get done that day while attempting to brew a cup of coffee, I thought "what a perfect email headline title". I mean, if I am going to wake up with these random crazy thoughts running through my head, why not find a way to creatively use them. (As a mom I feel like my brain cells are dying off by the day so I can't afford to let any thoughts go to waste.)

After dropping the boys off at school, I did not sit on this idea. I carved out some time to create an email for my subscribers using "no cuts, no but, no coconuts" as headline title. Part of me was a little nervous and part of me was curious to test out the response of a more creative unconventional headline but you never know how something will turn out unless you put it to a test and you know what happened? It was by far my highest open rate with the lowest amount of unsubscribers. Proving that thinking outside the box and being creative drives better results. I mean if you got an email with a headline like this wouldn't you be curious enough wondering what it was all about to click on it and read more?

We live in a world of information overload. TV, radio, email, social media. Every where we look someone is competing for our attention to support a cause, buy a product that will make us look and feel 52 years younger, enroll in that course that will be a "game changer" or join that opportunity that guarantees 6-figures while we work "only 2 hours a day from our smart phones". No one is buying that non-sense any way.

With so many people competing for more followers, email subscribers and bigger bank accounts, marketing messages are becoming more spammy and watered down. People don't want to be sold another how-to-life-changing gimmick. They want to be inspired. Entertained. They want authentic. That means that we as marketers have to focus less on selling tactics and focus more on storytelling and creative ways to inspire and entertain our networks. 

The "experts" want to put us in a one size fits all card board box of boring of how to do business, how to "fake it until you make it" (one of the WORST quotes, pieces of advice, whatever you want to call it EVER by the way). Everyone is an expert in how to craft emails, write blog posts and use social media.

While I agree that there needs to be a certain level of professionalism and strategy to your business, I am here to challenge you to forget all of the cookie cutter white noise advice and dare to be fearlessly yourself. 

To get back to the basics of making your business fun. To let your raw, weird, bold, beautiful, quirky personality confidently shine through. To sit down and write that blog post that you have been trying to get done for the last week. Throw out the rules and just write for the fun of writing. To record that video you have been wanting to do. Throw the script you got from some guru, that is not something you would even say, out the window and just speak from your heart. 

Just like the title of my email, its fun and got the attention of my subscribers. I, of course, gave a ton of value that would benefit my network as worthless click bait headlines that deliver nothing of use is not my jam. Ensure that you always over deliver on resources, tips and info to help your audience from the spirit of serving and blessing of profits will also bless you and your business. 

The world is looking for more real, authentic conversations. Use what is going on in your everyday life to create compelling content for your audience. Take them on an authentic adventure. Use the thoughts and interactions that go on around you in your daily life to tell a creative story, keeps it fun and solves a problem for your network. When you are speaking from your real every day experiences, no one can copy or duplicate that.

While mentoring and training is definitely useful and can help us grow (I myself am in 2 paid monthly coaching groups that I LOVE and learn a ton from) at the end of the day we have to take all of that information and translate it into what makes sense for our business ensuring that we are 100% staying true to who we are. 

No one can do you the way you can. Period. So stop trying so hard to structure yourself into a how-to check list and have fun being your bold beautiful creative self. Sit down today and spend time thinking about what has gone on in your life the last 2 weeks that you could use to connect with your audience in a fun way. 

What have you experienced that made a powerful impact on you?
What lessons have you learned that could inspire others?
What crazy thoughts have entered your mind that you could use as a lead in to helpful info?
A conversation with a friend where you both had an "ah-ha" moment that could benefit others?

Let go, let lose and bravely show the world what they have been missing! 

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P.S.S. Are you feeling overwhelmed in how to provide creative content through your brand and blog? Join us inside The Creative Gristmill. We would be honored to have and help you  

April Williams is the #CreativeMomista of two boys • Storyteller • Coffee Addict • Woman Warrior Of God • Texas Country Girl • Creative Expressive • A vintage soul passionate about living a simple life with a modern approach to business and branding

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