I am beyond HONORED to be embarking on this life + business changing journey with you. My coaching program was strategically designed to help you achieve the business of your dreams. I have combined all of my years in business and network marketing into a simple, effective 90 coaching program to up-level your skills sets and elevate your business.

1. Please read my coaching policy, terms and conditions. 

Coaching Policy, Terms and Conditions

  • Description:
    • The relationship between Coach and Client is Co-Creative, meaning both are equals in the coaching process. The first step in the Co-Creation process is the development of personal, professional or business goals relating to building and marketing a brand and brand strategy. 
  • Responsibilities of Coach:
    • Coach agrees to maintain a code of ethics and integrity.
    • Coach agrees to be fully present during coaching sessions.
    • Coach agrees to create an environment of creativity + fun + trust + confidentiality. 
    • Coach is intuitive and will guide the coaching sessions as the needs are communicated from client. Communication from Client may be written, verbal or non-verbal.
    • Coach is not a therapist or counselor. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy.
  • Responsibilities of Client:
    • Client agrees to provide clear goals and desires.
    • Client agrees to be fully present during coaching sessions.
    •  Client agrees to take ownership of his/her own physical, mental and emotional well-being, decisions, choices, actions and results.
    • Client will communicate with integrity, be open to honest encouragement and create the time and energy to participate fully in the program
  • This coaching agreement is valid upon on the first completed payment. Parties agree to engage in a 90 day Creative Brand Coaching Program. The fee is $1,500 paid in 3 equal monthly installments of $500 automatically billed every 30 days.  (These fees may be tax deductible as a business expense, please check with your tax advisor). The sessions/calls will be 60-90 minutes. Coach will be available to Client by e-mail,  Facebook message, voicemail and/or text in between scheduled meetings to keep the creative process and goals moving forward. 


  • Policies & Procedures:
    • The time of the coaching sessions and/or location will be scheduled by Client using Coach's online calendar. The Client will initiate all scheduled calls and will call at the number provided by Coach.
    • Coach will provide Client with necessary action steps to stay on task and complete desired goals. Client should make every effort to complete these tasks before the next scheduled coaching call. 
    • Feedback is necessary for both Coach and Client. It is critical to be open with thoughts, feelings and preferences before, during and after coaching sessions.
  •  Cancellation Policy:
    • It is the Client's responsibility to notify Coach 24 hours in advance of the scheduled calls/meetings to reschedule or cancel.
    • Client will notify Coach of a time to reschedule the missed meeting.
  • Refund Policy:
    • After the Coaching program has begun, Client has 90 days to complete the training from the date the first invoice is paid. No refunds or cancellations accepted. Once Client has made a down payment or enroll in a course, Client is obligated to pay for it in its completion. 
    • If Client require a medical emergency, the Coach will compassionately make the course and/or coaching service available for Client to complete at a later date that is mutually agreeable to both parties.  

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3. Upon completion of first payment, you will be emailed the 42 Page detailed Branding Workbook, added to the Creative Café and be mailed a special client gift, an interactive workbook, to help you gain more clarity and focus around your life, vision, goals and desires. #GoalsWithSoul

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