"Nature itself is the best physician."Hippocrates

In 2005 I became a mom for the first time to a beautiful baby boy. By age 2 we knew that something was not right with his development. There were some delays in speech and behavior that was concerning. An official diagnosis of PDD-NOS was given, a catch all umbrella for disorders that can not be classified as autism. 

I became obsessed with researching everything I could. I wanted to be informed and I wanted to know how I could help my sweet boy. The more I researched the more concerned I became. I was shocked at what I was learning about the ingredients in food and the chemicals in cleaning supplies. His diagnosis was the catalyst for adopting a more holistic lifestyle and being an educated consumer about what we put into our bodies and products we used around our family. We started taking more trips to the farmers market and buying all natural home grown and hand made items. 

It also led me to the world of essential oils. I was amazed at how many uses there were for these little bottles of oil. Our medicine cabinet was converted to more all natural remedies and less over the counter options. My son is now 10 years old and I still love and use them in our every day life.

If you are looking for more natural alternatives for you and your family, I would be happy to share the world of essential oils with you.  Get INSTANT ACCESS now {no opt in required} to my Holistic Momista Essential Oil Guide where I share my 10 favorite oils, uses and recipes. xo

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