The Poised Peacemaker • Water Element


As the POISED PEACEMAKER, Water Element, you are patient, loyal and sympathetic.  A natural born team player who knows how to tap into her inner Zen. You bring a positive, relaxed and mature energy to any space. You are a beautiful soul who is always patient, considerate and trusting. I bet you find yourself a confidant to not only your inner circle but even perfect strangers you just meet feel comfortable sharing their deepest darkest secrets. As a Poised Peacemaker you are people-oriented, and care more about close relationships than results or influence.

Your Branding Style is all in your story and journey. It is the foundation of how you connect with your audience for it is extremely important to you that you have a personal deep connection with others, especially to make them feel special and appreciated. You want others to know that they have connected with a person that accepts them for the person they are.

Your target market and ideal client is warm, friendly and cooperative. They will appreciate how understanding and respectful you are, especially in the area of how well you listen to and care about their needs. To connect more with your tribe, look for people who have these qualities and work to position yourself in front them. Join Facebook groups where you can offer value that like minded people would appreciate and gravitate to, follow them on Instagram to build a relationship and join local groups to have that face to face interaction.  

 AVOID THE RUT:  Being goal oriented and results driven can be an area of struggle for you. You are the visionary with amazing ideas to tackle but can easily feel overwhelmed with the “how”.

Ready to take your Nurturing side and build a solid tribe and business….Check out the 10 Day Brand Plan to help you use your story and experiences to help others. The world needs the gifts and talents that only YOU have xo.

More Water Element Fun Facts:

• Intuitive
• Artistic
• Nurturer
• Sensual
• Spiritual
• Self Protective

You are are sensitive and fluid, responding to feelings more than anything else. Dreams, visions, love and the mysterious attracts you. 

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