The Reflective Rose • Earth Element

As a REFLECTIVE ROSE, Earth Element, you are the observationist who possesses all the respected qualities of being diplomatic, sensitive, orderly, precise and deliberate. You thrive on high standards, attention to detail and an environment of structure and rules. Your curious nature and sharp intellect makes you the ambassador of research and you value facts over opinions. Your mantra is “don’t tell me, show me”.  As a Reflective Rose, you are confident in your decision-making skills and those that earn your trust gain a witty, intelligent person to converse with. 

Your Branding Style is all in the fine print details. The fancy artwork and catch phrases are no comparison to having a clear system and plan in place. A math formula to break down your money goals would definitely be music to your ears.

Your ideal client and target market is organized and methodical. You will win them over with your ability to break everything down and your talent of considering every alternative before offering a suggestion and solution. To connect more with your tribe, look for people who have these qualities and work to position yourself in front them. Join Facebook groups where you can offer value that like minded people would appreciate and gravitate to, follow them on Instagram to build a relationship and join local groups to have that face to face interaction.  

AVOID THE RUT: As a lover of research, analysis paralysis can be an area that routinely holds you back. Learn to be okay with not needing all the answers first before moving forward. There is only so much planning that can go into climbing a mountain. Eventually you will need to just start climbing and figure it out on the way up. Your business and brand are no different. 

More Earth Element Fun Facts:

• Practical
• Stable

• Likes to live in the "here and now"
• Goal Oriented
• Patient
• One step at a time approach

You are the stable, practical type. People love you for your kind spirit. Rooted in family or other commitments, you can be stubborn and resistant to change.    

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