The Whimsical Wavemaker • Air Element




You are the WHIMSICAL WAVEMAKER!  The Air Element sign. A chick who is bursting with style, creative ideas and sophistication. You have an expressive heart ready to set the world on fire! With a natural motivating, charming and enthusiastic personality, you love to be the life of the party. Life should be lived and lived to the fullest extent of the law! You are a natural born problem solver with the ability to inspire others with your optimistic outlook on life. 

As a Whimsical Wavemaker, your Branding Style is all about the beautiful eye-catching photography, imagery and buzz words to that really showcases your dramatic personality.

Your target market and ideal clients are outgoing dreamers who are motivated by recognition. You will find that they work harder for approval and prestige more than monetary gain and your creative side and problem solving skills will make you the ideal leader to work with. To connect more with your tribe, look for people who have these qualities and work to position yourself in front them. Join Facebook groups where you can offer value that like minded people would appreciate and gravitate to, follow them on Instagram to build a relationship and join local groups to have that face to face interaction.  

AVOID THE RUT: Because you like to move quickly, continually excited about the next big idea, you can easily feel the struggle with committing to a specific plan or see things through to completion.

Tap into your creative spirit... Use the next 10 days to unleash your creative + whimsical side to launch a more creative brand with the Creative 10 Day Brand Plan. A more fun, bold brand is just 10 days away. 

More Air Element Fun Facts:

• Social
• The need to share your thoughts with the world
• Creative, usually loves to write
• Individualistic
• Explorer
• Intellectual

You are smart, witty and process oriented but can be a little abstract and spacey at times. You are drawn to ideas with a love of learning.                                             

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