We all know that there is a lot of great training out there for social media marketing. The problem is that its not completely realistic for the working woman or mom. So throw out what the "gurus" say and let's talk about a REAL plan tailored for the crazy life of a woman and mom who has a full time career.

I was not always a full time work at home mom. 8 of those years were spent building my businesses part time while I was working a full time job in corporate America as a legal assistant. I had a limited amount of time and needed to spend it wisely. A plan that worked.  If you can relate and struggling to fit it all in  then this marketing plan is for you! Tweak it to fit your schedule and social media platforms that you find the most results from in your business. I build most of my business on Facebook so you will see me reference Facebook as a primary social media source. If that does not work for you, tweak it to fit the platforms that you are the most active on. 


Before we dive into the actual plan its CRUCIAL that you identify the 4-5 REVENUE GENERATING activities that produce results in your business. The foundation of every business comes down to networking and making new contacts. Expanding your network should be at the top of that list. Busy work will not grow your business. You have to have a crystal clear understanding of the EXACT activities that will produce income. Time is money, ensure that the time you spend you are spending wisely on activities that will produce income. 


Attraction marketing is the most effective way to market your business online. You will want to use this strategy to make the most out of this marketing plan. If you are new to attraction marketing be sure to check out my blog post How To Use Attraction Marketing To Build A Business Online. 


  • Because you work a full time job you have to be very targeted and intentional with all of your marketing. Prepare your first post on social media right when you wake up. Have this planned out the night before. When you alarm goes off, spend 5 minutes posting something of value/inspirational or motivational.  Give value around your brand and for your target market. You can use a tool like HootSuite to post to numerous social media platforms at once and even schedule your posts for the day for even more efficiency. 
  • Make the most out of your commute to work. Plan this out the night before. Safely make phone calls to connect with your network while in the car. Listen to personal development audios. If you ride the bus or train to the office, work from your phone, iPad or tablet. Connect with as many people as you can during your commute. 
  • Check your list of birthday notifications. Send private personal messages. Posting to someone's timeline just gets lost with the countless other posts. Make your connection standout. Send something fun, personal and memorable. Use it as an opportunity to get a conversation started. Also use this list as a way to clean up your friends list. 


If at all possible, focus on and work your business during your lunch break:  

  • Create another post for social media. Value driven and engaging for your network. 
  • Respond to any new Facebook messages. 
  • Add 5-6 new connections to your Facebook. Expand your list so you have fresh eyes on your content every day. New people to build relationships with. Focus on your target market. Connect with like minded peeps from groups and favorite fanpages. Send a personal message with your friend request. Look for people that you have mutual connections with. Example message  "Hey Susie, am connecting with you from the ________ group. I enjoy supporting other women and moms who are also running a business. Sent you a friend request and look forward to learning more about what you do and how I can support you". Tweak the verbiage to fit your style. When a person accepts your friend request, send a follow up message to further introduce yourself. A short paragraph with no links or business pitches. End with a question to engage the person to learn more about them. 
  • Go through your existing friends list, message 5-6 people you are already connected with. Focus on building the relationship, NOT pitching your business. Go to their profile and find something you can connect with them about. Private message them with a genuine compliment on a new profile photo or family photos, congrats on a new business promotion, provide a valuable comment to a post they made but do it in a private message to get a conversation going. **90% of your time on social media regardless of platform should be spent having 1 on 1 conversations. Connecting with the person on a personal level. Building the relationship. 
  • Check your Facebook events for local networking opportunities going on that week. Make it a goal to get out 2-3 times a month to a local networking event to meet new people and expand your local network. 
  • Use your commute home to make phone calls or personal development time. 


  • Once the house is quiet for the evening, check for and respond to any new messages and notifications. 
  • Quickly respond to any emails
  • Make another post on Facebook giving value, sharing a team celebration or product testimony. 
  • You should be active in several groups that are focused on building relationships with your target market. Groups should be value focused to build relationships. If you have a private group you manage centered around your brand, post value driven engaging content and spent a few minutes in other groups giving value, answering questions, building relationships. **Very little time should be spent in your newsfeed. It is not productive and a time waster. Focus more time and energy on your notifications (globe icon next to message icon on Facebook). See who is connecting with you, posting on your timeline, posting in groups. 

When you stay laser focused on revenue generating activities for your business you can accomplish a lot in a very short time frame. The foundation of your business is expanding your network daily, making friends, building relationships. The more relationships you build the more people will be attracted to your business, your products and working with you.



  • You can't work on 5 things at once so don't have 5 applications open at once. When you start something, try to stay laser focused on it until its finished. If you are checking emails close out of Facebook, don't have that distraction. If you are working on a blog post, close out of everything else until you get it done. 
  • Fridays are slow social media days. Use Fridays to tie up any loose ends from the week. 
  • Once a week or month, pick a day for "purging". When your life feels cluttered its difficult to focus. Clean out a junk drawer, closet, your vehicle, paper clutter, your email. It will be very liberating to declutter your life. 
  • At the end of every month set a reminder on your calendar to go through your business expenses and organize them for the month. 
  • If you are blogging, schedule one day a week to create a blog post. Schedule the same day for consistency. 
  • Evernote is an amazing resources to keep yourself organized and on task. 


Use tools to keep yourself organized. Your expenses, your follow-ups, appointments. Keeping it all in one place ensures you aren't wasting time trying to track down paper. I still prefer the old fashioned method of writing things down as I am a very visual learner and creative personality. I like to doodle and see thoughts written on paper. If that fits your personality and style here are a few of my favorite resources. Find what works for you, consistency and organization is key to running a happy healthy home, life and business. 

  1. A goal planner/calendar works great for staying organized daily. I love the Tools4Wisdom products that you can easily find on Amazon. 
  2. A good old fashioned 5 subject notebook is where I keep my brainstorming notes for projects. 
  3. Erin Condren has amazing life planners, notebooks, lesson planners, and address books.